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  • Welder

    Use hand-welding or flame-cutting equipment to weld or join metal components or to fill holes, indentations, or seams of fabricated metal product. Join, fabricate and repair metal and other weldable material by applying appropriate welding techniques.

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  • Assembler

    Work as part of a team having responsibility for assembling an entire product or component of a product. Assemblers can perform all tasks conducted by the team in the assembly process and rotate through all or most of them or be assigned to a specific task on a permanent basis. Blueprint reading required.  

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  • Purchasing Assistant

    Follows up on orders to ensure that materials are shipped and delivered on promised datesMaintains records and follow up files of purchases, shipments, and related mattersSubmit request for quotes and enter data in databaseData Entry for purchasing managerOrder materials as specified per requirementsRequest order confirmationsPerforms related job duties as requiredPrepare purchase orders, solicit bid proposals, and review requisitions for goods and servicesResearch and evaluate suppliers based on price, quality, selection, service, support, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities, and the supplier's reputation and history.Analyze price proposals, financial reports, and other data and information to determine reasonable prices.Confer with staff, users, and vendors to discuss defective or unacceptable goods or services and determine corrective actionMaintain and review computerized or manual records of items purchased, costs, deliveries, product performance, and inventories.

  • Mechanical Engineer

    Perform engineering duties in planning and designing trailers, automotive components, associated product tooling, and other mechanically functioning equipment. This position will oversee product design enhancements and changes as well as execute document control. Working closely with our customer’s engineering departments as well as our own internal engineers and shop personnel is a necessity.

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  • Manufacturing Engineer

    The manufacturing engineer's primary focus is to turn raw materials into a new or updated product in the most economic, efficient, and effective way possible. Includes working with various manufacturing sciences and practices including the research, design and development of systems, processes, machines, tools, and equipment.

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  • Industrial Custodian

    Flexible Hours! Monday-Thursday The Industrial Custodian responsible for removing shop debris and keeping areas of the shop and yard clean.  The individual will be responsible for disposing debris including garbage, cardboard, wood, and metal scrap.  The position may also involve yard clean and maintenance as needed.  

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