Engineer to your Standards

Engineer to your Standard

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Expert Craftsmanship

Expert Craftsmanship

World class tradesmen building excellence into every product.

behind you every step of the way

With thousands of worldwide installations implementing our vast array of customized variations on our base set of products, Schutt Industries is there for you whenever duty calls. From tactical support, cargo handling, communications, or maintenance implementation, we've got you covered.


Schutt Industries is the market leader with decades of military grade manufacturing expertise. Our no compromise approach to developing solutions ensures your project will supersede all expectations. Experience, craftsmanship, talent, and the tools to get your job done are what place us in a class all our own.


In addition to our baseline products, we also offer custom engineered trailers to meet your needs. We are expert at equipment integration implementation, building advanced transport platforms that merge systems with mobility. Schutt Industries provides the most sought after solutions for communications, disaster response, and defense needs meeting the most demanding performance requirements. When only the very best most reliable products will do, count on Schutt Industries for all your integration needs. Contact us today to discuss a solution that is right for you!

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Behind you all the way

Schutt Industries is Americas leading manufacturer of industrial and military grade cargo handling equipment. It’s long history of engineering high-quality sophisticated solutions for the most demanding military implementation has earned Schutt a prestigious/solid reputation as the go-to source for its word-class products used by every military branch.

Schutt Industries has a reputation for exceeding customer expectations. According to Army spokesperson John McLeish, trailers made by Schutt are, “. .. the best money can buy. . . . it passed, it qualified, it achieved, it met or exceeded every requirement.”

Schutt Industries, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of Military trailer and shelter systems to the U.S. Department of Defense. Our core products include but are not limited to HMMWV TACOM approved towable trailer systems such as the Light Tactical Trailer (LTT- M1101, M1102 & Heavy Chassis), larger, higher payload capacity trailers such as the M200A1 2-Wheel 2 ó Ton Trailer & M1061A1 4-Wheel 5 Ton Flatbed Trailer, custom designed flatbed trailers up to 80, 000 lbs GVW and HMMWV mountable shelter and pallet systems.

Schutt Industries was founded in 1998 and we are located in Clintonville, WI. We have over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space to produce various custom engineered military ground systems to meet the most challenging environmental conditions.

With over 200 employees, we specialize in designing and building to our customers’ specifications and performance requirements and specialize in meeting aggressive program schedules. Our engineering staff has vast valuable experience not only in design applications but in endurance testing at several test centers such as Nevada Automotive Test Center and Aberdeen Proving Ground.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional value to our customers and continuously deliver high quality products in full compliance with all contractual requirements at a competitive price.

We look forward to working with you! Schutt strives to be the supplier of choice by delivering world-class customer service, the highest quality most reliable products that consistently set the industry standard and are the best overall value for your budget.